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The undersigned pilots agree to participate in the AGCSC Torrey Pines flight season.  All pilots agree to operate according to the procedures outlined in the Torrey Pines Operations Manual. All associate pilots agree to participate in sharing AGCSC’s expenses for obtaining the permits and for the site insurance. All flights will be under the supervision of the assigned AGCSC Flight Leader. Only a designated AGCSC member may act as flight leader and no operations may take place without an assigned flight leader for each day of flight operations.
The rate structure for winch launch rated pilots will be $100.- for the Torrey Pines season. This associate member fee includes one orientation flight winch launch with an AGCSC CFIG. Additional qualification flights will be at the discretion of the CFIG. Rates for winch launches or auto tows will be $20.- per launch. The site FBO operator may have a separate but modest fee structure. 
No pilot or passenger may fly at Torrey Pines unless all applicable waivers have been signed and fees paid prior to launch. There are separate waivers for the University of California at San Diego, the AGCSC, and FBO site operator.
All flights must be logged on the daily winch/auto tow log sheet as they are conducted. All payments will be in cash only.
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Completed Associate Membership Applications should be mailed with a check for $100.- made out to AGCSC sent to the membership chairman listed below:
Rolf Schulze
4340 Aragon Way
San Diego CA.