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C.    General Flight Procedures
     All flight regulations required by the FAA will be followed by club members at all times. In addition, club pilots should maintain familiarity with and follow the generally accepted soaring procedures contained in the SSA Soaring Flight Manual as well as any local procedures imposed by FBO’s from which the club operates.
      Club members flying club aircraft will not engage in aerobatic maneuvers. Licensed instructors may give spin instructions to club members.
     Prior to any flight, the PIC must conduct a complete pre-flight inspection of the glider. A positive control check will be performed at the beginning of each flying day.
     The use of checklists for takeoff and landing is encouraged. Two good ones are:
     Takeoff - ABBCCCDE:
                              A=Altimeter set
                              B= Belts and harnesses secure.
                              B= Ballast is correct for the passenger load. 
                              C=Controls free and correct, spoilers locked closed, trim set.
                              C=Canopy closed and secure.
                              C= Cable connected.
                              D=Direction and velocity of wind noted.
                              E=Emergency plan in mind for take-off.
     Landing – U-STALL:
                              U=Undercarriage gear down and locked
                              S=Speed and direction of wind – determine pattern speed
                              T=Trim set for pattern speed
                              A=Airbrakes or flaps checked
                              L=Lookout for traffic and clear landing area
                              L=Land – concentrate on landing