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The objective of this Club shall be to further the art and sport of soaring in the Southern California area by providing access to soaring equipment and facilities for its members, encouraging flight safety, and promoting social fellowship and soaring related activities.
This Club shall be affiliated with the Soaring Society of America, Inc., as a Chapter, and all Active Members shall become members of said Society.
There shall be eight classes of membership, as follows:
Active Members. Those elected to membership by the two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors and paying the required initiation fee and dues. This membership carries voting and flying privileges.

Family Members. Anyone in the immediate family of an active member in good standing shall also be considered to be an active member upon acceptance by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. The immediate family shall be considered to consist of husband, wife, and their dependents as defined by Federal Income Tax laws.

Honorary Members. Persons who make a substantial contribution to the Club may be voted in as Honorary Members. Honorary members are admitted on unanimous recommendation of the Board of Directors and approval of two-thirds of the voting membership present at the next regular membership meeting. If admitted, they shall be considered active members, with both voting and flying privilege

Life Members. Persons who have been either an Active or Family Member for a period of at least one year are eligible to become Life Members. This membership carries voting and flying privileges.
Associate Active Members. Those active members of a glider club that has petitioned AGCSC in writing for associate active membership for all of its active members, has had that petition approved by a two-thirds vote of the voting membership present at the next regular membership meeting, and has acknowledged in writing that the petitioning club accepts associate membership status by virtue of its members' approval. This membership carries no voting and limited privileges as approved by the Board of Directors of AGCSC.
Associate Members. Those members wishing to participate in the non-flying activities of the club and receive the club publications. Their applications are subject to approval by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. This membership carries no voting or flying privileges.
Provisional Members. Those persons who evidence interest in becoming a member and who are eligible in all respects to be an active member. Provisional members shall be considered as special members for thirty days from the date of their application. They are entitled to fly as a passenger in club equipment any time during the month when authorized by the operations leader. They will pay for all flights at the rates charged the active members. They will have no other club privileges until admitted to active membership.
Guest Members. Those persons who are guests of active members.
Standing Rules on Membership
Requirements for Active Membership:
All active members must maintain membership in the Soaring Society of America.
A prospective member shall be investigated by the Membership Chairman, and his recommendations will be submitted to the Board of Directors before any action may be taken by the Board. The investigation will include, but is not limited to, the following points:
                                        a. Residence
                                        b. Type of employment
                                        c. Previous aviation experience
                                        d. Financial responsibility
                                        e. Reason for desiring membership
                                        f. Oral examination on the By-laws and  the  Operations Manual
                                        g.      Age 
                            h.       Physical condition as it affects his ability to fly a glider
New members must be accepted by a two-thirds vote of the Board of  Directors.
4.       An Associate Active Member must meet the membership requirements of the glider club having Associate Glider Club status with AGCSC. Termination of associate glider club status can be effected by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors of AGCSC. Such action automatically terminates those associate active members of AGCSC who were members by virtue of their membership in the terminated club.
 Minors.  All minors, members or non-members, flying in club equipment must have written consent of their parent or guardian. No minor shall be permitted to take instruction in club equipment unless he or she is at least 13 years of age, without unanimous approval of the Board.
Delinquency.  A member shall be considered delinquent if he fails to pay for flight time or other club obligations, etc., at or before the monthly meeting following the month the obligation was incurred. A delinquent member may be grounded until his account is put in good standing.
Members whose dues and/or flying fees are two months in arrears shall lose all voting and flying privileges until all obligations are paid up to date. Such delinquent members may be dropped from membership by action of the Board of Directors. A delinquent member shall be given written notice of the contemplated action by the Board of Directors ten (10) days in advance of the Board of Directors meeting. He may, upon payment of obligation, return to good standing, or he may appear in person or present in writing his reason for delinquency and make a request not to be dropped. Action by the Board on such appeals shall be final.
Resignations. Resignations must be submitted in writing to the club secretary. No resignation shall be accepted from a member who is in arrears for dues or flying time. Members resigning in good standing may return to active membership or associate membership without payment of an initiation fee upon a favorable action of a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.
 Expulsion from Club or Suspension of Privileges.  Every member of this Club and every person hereafter becoming a member of this Club, shall be liable at any time to expulsion or suspension for misconduct or for non-payment of dues or other fees. Upon the expulsion of any member, all his rights and interests, legal and equitable, in the Club and in its property shall cease. Expulsion or suspension shall be by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.
                Flying rates and winch and aero tow fees, dues and initiation fees will be set and changed when necessary by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The rates will accurately reflect the cost of operation. A penalty of 10% per month shall be added to all overdue accounts. Initiation fees, dues, and provisional fees will be as stipulated further in this Article.
1.             Active Members. Active members shall pay an initiation fee established by the Board of Directors of AGCSC which shall be submitted with the membership application. This initiation fee will be refunded in case the application is rejected by the Board. If the application is accepted by the Board, the applicant shall be considered an active member, and dues shall be as established by the Board of Directors of AGCSC. Fifty percent of the collected dues each year will be placed in the Land and Equipment Fund.
 2.             Family Members. If the application is accepted by the Board, the applicant shall be considered an Active Member (see Active Member above). Fifty percent of the collected dues each year will be placed in the Land and Equipment Fund.
3.             Life Members. An Active or Family Member may become a Life Member upon payment of a one-time fee equal to ten times the yearly dues of an Active Member. No further annual dues are paid.
4.             Honorary Members. No initiation fee or dues are involved; however, Honorary Members shall pay for the use of Club equipment in the same manner as other active members.
5.             Associate Active Members. There will be no initiation fee for associate active members, but the Associated Glider Club will pay an annual fee as established by the Board of Directors of AGCSC.
6.             Associate Members. Associate members will pay an initiation fee and annual dues as established by the Board of Directors of AGCSC.
7.             Provisional Members. Provisional members will pay a fee as established by the by the Board of Directors of AGCSC for a thirty-day membership.
8.               Guest Members. Guest members will pay a fee as established by the by the Board of Directors of AGCSC for a thirty-day membership. This entitles the guest to fly as a passenger of an active member.
Policy Governing the Operation of Club Equipment
1.             Operation of all Club equipment shall be directed and controlled by the Operations Manager and will be in accordance with all Federal, State, County, City, and local regulations in addition to the operating procedures as set forth in the Club Operations Manual.
 2.             If an accident occurs to the Club's equipment or liability be incurred by the Club by reason of the use of its equipment by any member, such member shall be liable for a maximum of $500 and such other obligations as may be imposed on said member by the Board of Directors. If, however, the Board finds that such accident was the result of negligence or violation of any applicable regulation on the part of the member, such member may be held completely liable for all damages not recoverable by insurance then in force.
 3.             In the event of an accident to Club equipment or other equipment for which the Club has assumed responsibility, a Board consisting of the Board of Directors and the Safety Committee shall hold a hearing which all parties involved may attend. This hearing shall determine responsibility, if any, and the action to be taken. The decision of the Board shall be final and binding on the member. A majority shall rule.
4.             Associate active members do not have all flight privileges as do active members. Specifically, only those flight privileges approved by the Board of Directors may be utilized.
Policy Governing the Maintenance of Club Equipment
1.             All preventive maintenance on all equipment will be performed as directed by the Maintenance Manager.
 2.             All major and minor repairs to flying equipment shall be supervised by FAA certificated A and P mechanics.
3.               All required parts and accessories for Club equipment and related Club activities will be purchased as required with Club funds. Authorization for such purchases will be given by the Maintenance Manager.
                Administrative Form. The Board of Directors of the Club shall consist of seven elected Officers; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager and Membership Chairman. The immediate past President shall be an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors for a period of one year. The regular term of office for all Officers and Directors shall commence at the adjournment of the annual meeting at which they are elected. The actions of all Officers shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
                Elections. The Officers and Directors shall be elected annually as follows:
A.            At the August meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three active members.
B.            At the September meeting, the Nominating Committee shall present nominees for each office. Additional nominations for each office may be made from the floor at the September or October meeting, prior to the elections.
C.           Election of all Officers shall take place at the October meeting.
 D.           No member shall be eligible to serve as an Officer until he has been an Active Member for at least six months.
E.           Each Director on the Board of Directors must be an Active Member.
Duties of the President:
A.         The President shall preside at General Membership meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
B.         The President shall appoint all committees.
C.         The President shall appoint an annual Auditing Committee (whose members shall be approved by the Board of Directors). This Auditing Committee shall examine the books of the Treasurer prior to the February meeting. The committee shall then present its findings at the annual meeting.
D.         The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least three active members at the August General Membership Meeting.
E.         The President may also create such special committees (Field, Clubhouse, By-Laws, etc.) as will facilitate the operation of the Club.
F.         The President shall appoint assistants to the Secretary or Treasurer to aid these officers in the performance of their duties as may be required.
G.         The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
H.         The President shall perform such other duties as the office may require.
I.            The President shall notify the Officers and Directors of the time and location of Board of Directors' meetings.
 Duties of the Vice-President:
A.          The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
 Duties of the Operations Manager:
A.            The Operations Manager shall have the responsibility and the authority to direct the operations of all Club equipment.
B.            The Operations Manager shall establish operating procedures to be followed by all members when using Club equipment. These procedures will be set down in writing in the form of a Club Operations Manual. The Club Operations Manual shall be reviewed and approved annually by the Board of Directors.
C.            The Operations Manager may ground, for a period not to exceed three months, any member who violates an established operating procedure or who flies an aircraft in such a manner as to, in the Operations Manager's opinion, endanger life, Club equipment, or public property. Grounding authority may be delegated to an instructor and flight leader. The individual ordering the grounding must then report this action to the Operations Manager, who will take appropriate action. Temporarily means not longer than seven days. If a violation is of such a serious nature as to warrant expulsion from the Club, the Operations Manager will submit a violation report to the Board of Directors, who will take action in accordance with Article II of the By-Laws. Any member who has been grounded may appeal such action to the Board of Directors.
D.            The Operations Manager shall establish the minimum qualification requirements for glider instructors, power instructors, and tow pilots, and will appoint to these positions pilots who meet these requirements.
E.             The Operations Manager may appoint assistants as necessary to carry out these responsibilities. Included among these assistants are Chief Tow Pilot, Chief Flight Instructor, winch operator, flight leader, and Safety Officer.
F.             The Operations Manager shall make all arrangements with airport managers for the use of the field where Club equipment is to be operated.
 G.             The Operations Manager shall establish the procedures for the orderly training of student pilots.         
H.            The Operations Manager or authorized representatives shall report monthly to the General Membership via the Board of Directors, all violations of operating procedures and actions taken, in addition to such information concerning operations as the Operations Manager deems to be of general interest. The Operations Manager will be available to answer questions posed by the members.     
       Duties of the Maintenance Manager:
A.            The Maintenance Manager shall have complete responsibility and authority to maintain all equipment in an airworthy condition as defined by applicable regulations.
B.            The Maintenance Manager shall ensure that all repair work to be done commercially is accomplished in minimum time, at reasonable expense to the Club.
C.            The Maintenance Manager may appoint such assistants as may be necessary.
D.            The Maintenance Manager or authorized representative shall report monthly to the General Membership via the Board of Directors, items of information concerning maintenance which are of general interest, in addition to the airworthiness status of all equipment. The Maintenance Manager will be available to answer questions posed by the members.
E.             The Maintenance Manager shall ground immediately any equipment which is not airworthy, informing the President and Operations Manager at the earliest opportunity of the circumstances and of the plans to return the equipment to an airworthy status.
 Duties of the Secretary:
A.            The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all General Membership Meetings and Board of Directors' Meetings.
B.            The Secretary shall conduct all correspondence as directed by the President. 
C.             The Secretary shall notify all Officers and Directors of their election. 
D.             The Secretary shall send notices of all General Membership meetings of the club to all Officers and members.
E.             The Secretary shall arrange for the publication of the minutes of each General Membership meeting and each Board of Directors' meeting.
Duties of the Treasurer:
A.             The Treasurer shall pay all bills and warrants, subject to B.             The Treasurer shall collect all dues and fees from all the Club members.
C.             The Treasurer shall keep an itemized account of all receipts and
D.             The Treasurer or a designated representative shall report monthly to the General Membership, via the Board of Directors, the financial status of the Club. This report shall include, but is not limited to, the following information:         
                                        1. Cash receipts for the month
                                        2. Cash disbursements for the month
                                        3. Unobligated cash remaining
E.             The Treasurer shall notify all delinquent members as provided in ARTICLE III - STANDING RULES ON MEMBERSHIP, DELINQUENCY.
F.              The fiscal year of the Club shall be the calendar year. The Treasurer shall present the books in which the records have been kept, together with the bills, to the Auditing Committee within one month of the end of the year
G.              The Treasurer may request the President to appoint assistant Treasurers to aid in the performance of the duties described above.
H.                The Treasurer shall correspond with the Soaring Society of America for the purpose of maintaining correct membership lists and the furnishing of information to the Society as may be necessary.
Duties of the Membership Chairman:
A.            The Membership Chairman shall submit all applications for membership to the Board of Directors for their consideration.
B.             The Membership Chairman shall notify all applicants for membership of their acceptance or rejection.
C.             The Membership Chairman shall issue all Club membership cards.
D.              The Membership Chairman shall keep an itemized account of all expenses associated with the office of Membership Chairman.
Duties and Powers of the Board of Directors:
                The government of the Club, and the control of its property shall be vested in the Board of Directors, who shall have the power to make all necessary contracts, to borrow money, to secure the same by mortgage, or deed of trust to the property of the Club, and as evidence of the indebtedness secured by such mortgage or deed of trust to issue bonds therefore, to pay and discharge all debts, and to do all matters and things necessary or incident to, or in aid of, the carrying out of the objects and purposes of the Club; and they shall have the charge and control of all its property, and may levy assessments upon the members in the manner and subject to such rules, regulations, and restrictions provided.
                Any assessment recommended by the Board of Directors must be approved by a three-fourths vote of the entire active membership. The vote on any assessment shall be by written ballot. A quorum at the Board of Directors meeting shall be six of the eleven members present. Members may attend the Board of Directors meetings as observers but may not vote. Any member wishing to initiate legislation requiring action by the Board of Directors shall submit his motion in writing to the Secretary for presentation to the Board of Directors.
Standing Rules:
                All Officers and Directors, upon retirement from their respective offices or chairs, shall deliver to their successors, all properties and records of the Club (money, records, accounts, receipts, papers, or any other property).
A chair of the Board of Directors shall be considered vacant if the duly elected Director is absent for two consecutive regular meetings of the Board.
                Any vacancy of an office or chair on the Board of Directors, occurring for any reason, shall be filled by nomination from the floor and by a majority vote of the members present at the next regular General Membership meeting.
                An Officer or Director who is derelict in his duties may be removed from office by the following procedure:
                The active membership may bring the matter to the Board of Directors for action by presenting a petition signed by fifteen voting members or two-thirds of the active members, whichever is the smaller. The Board of Directors shall consider the matter and make a recommendation at the following regular meeting for vote. A written notice of such action to be voted on shall be given each active member. A two-thirds majority vote of the active members present shall remove the Officer or Director from power. Vote shall be by written ballot.
                            Each committee chairman may, at the option of the President, be required to make a verbal report on the committee activities at each meeting of the Board of Directors. If the Chairman is unable to attend a meeting, a designated committee member shall make the report.
Committee chairmen from the previous Club year shall continue in office until a successor is chosen.
                The annual meeting of the Club shall be held the first Friday in October. The time and place shall be selected by the Secretary, who shall notify all members of the time and place at least one week in advance of the date set.
                Monthly meetings shall be held the first Thursday of each month. The Board may change the date of any regular meeting provided members are notified one week in advance. Ten (10) members or twenty percent (20%) of the active membership, whichever is less, and a presiding Officer shall constitute a quorum at any membership meeting.
                Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall take place once a month. A quorum for a Board of Directors meeting shall be five of the nine chairs present or a majority of the Board of Directors if chairs are vacant. Special Board of Directors' meetings may be called by the President or by any four (4) members of the Board of Directors. The call for a special meeting must state the business to be transacted, and no business shall be transacted except that stated in the call. Notice of such meeting must be mailed to each member by the Secretary at least one week prior to the meeting. 
                Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall be the final authority in questions of parliamentary procedures.
                A proposal to amend the By-Laws shall be submitted in writing over the signatures of ten (10) active members.  be voted upon by the Board of Directors. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, it shall be discussed at two successive regular meetings and final action on the proposed amendment shall be taken after the second discussion. All active members shall be notified in writing of the contemplated change. Approval of three-fourths of the active members present shall be required for amendment.